From KC to Charlottesville! We Must Resist!

Anti-fascist fighters from Charlottesville resist out of town invading Klansmen, Nazis and other Rightist scum

At some point in your life, someone had to explain to you what a Nazi was. Many of us have seen movies and shows depicting a small sliver of what occurred in Nazi Germany. It became a theme to compare everything evil to Hitler. Who hasn’t thought about what they would have done if only they’d been there? The question isn’t hard. When you’ve heard about Nazis and what they did, you know the right course of action. You just never thought, in your whole life, you might be asked to do it. It’s hard to think anyone would ever want to see a country where that might have to be answered. There’s no secret about it at this point, the Nazis are here.

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Serve The People Kick-Off Community Meeting!

We will be hosting an inaugural community meeting to formally launch the free store program of Serve the People-KC in the Northeast. It will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 6:00 p.m., with a location to be determined. We will discuss the needs of the community and go over the methods and goals of the organization. We hope to see you there!